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House calls only

This type of photography is about celebrating the beauty of the human body, in all its forms and shapes. It came to me in two folds: first while photographing beautiful homes, playing with lines, light and shadow; and then during a marternity session in New Orleans a few years ago when it dawned on me: why wait to be pregnant to celebrate the human body?
Taking these pictures has been magical, both for me and the "models". Most have used the excuse of an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day... but the beauty is in the acknowledgment that we are doing it to celebrate ourselves. And I love that!
The amount of nudity is up to the model (I also love to use fabric), and the location is your home.

"With such a vulnerable and intimate photo shoot, Doe [Marie-Dominique] makes one feel so at ease and safe."
- Lindy L.

"I was nervous to say the least, but Doe kept the mood light and carefree."
- Ashley D.

"Doe came to my home and I immediately felt at ease... and after a time I forgot about being without clothes!"

- Kathy Rose Chambers

(Full quotes available
on the "about" page)


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