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Most of my architectural work is done in natural light. It affords me the opportunity to travel and work unencumbered, and to be as unobtrusive as possible. My sense of composition is mostly intuitive. I try to be faithful to the eye's experience in the spaces I photograph and when I bring the images together in post-processing. To view an article published in 2012 in Western Art & Architecture, "Nuanced Nostalgia" August/September 2012, for which I provided the photography (cover excluded), please click here.
I am a PPA member, fully insured.

About the Camp Hatfield photos:
"The shots are STUNNING ! MAGNIFIQUE ! I am blown away [...]
everybody in my design office is quite impressed."

Tinker Hatfield
VP of Creative Design, Nike, Inc.

“Marie-Dominique is the most passionate photographer
I’ve worked with and it shows in her body of work.
She takes the time to understand the myriad of context issues and knows how to evoke just the right personality in each shot.
Her attention to detail and ability to tell the story through photography significantly contributed to the national
recognition of our buildings.”

Brian Runberg, AIA
Beardmore Company, LLC
Seattle, WA & Priest Lake, ID

"[Marie-Dominique] has actually dazzled me with her abilities
in the digital format. Sight lines are terrific and the colors are stunning.
She has a great eye for composition so the pictures really tell the story about what is going on."
Jon Sayler, A.I.A. P.S.
Jon R. Sayler Architect
Sandpoint, ID

"[Marie-Dominique] has a great eye for composition.
I’m amazed at the artistic arrangements she creates between building and nature. I would recommend [Marie-Dominique]. She’s very good to work with and is respectable and accommodating of owner’s properties and schedules.

John Hendricks, A.I.A.
Hendricks Architecture
Sandpoint, ID


HS Seniors

I love, love, love taking HS senior pictures! I find these sessions to be extremely gratifying on several levels, from meeting and discovering young adults, to being creative (it's never boring!), and ultimately delivering original images that will bring memories for a lifetime. Part of the session is a home visit a few days (sometimes weeks) prior to the actual shoot, where, by looking around, picking props and asking questions, I get visual ideas (which makes each session totally unique). The day of the session is filled with fun and, most of the time, surprises I have learned to embrace!


Fine Art Intimate Portraits

This category is the latest in my repertoire. I started thinking about it while photographing all these beautiful homes, and making the connection between lines and the use of light and shadow. The amount of nudity is up to the model. This type of photography is about celebrating the beauty of the human body, in all its forms and shapes.

"With such a vulnerable and intimate photo shoot,
Doe [Marie-Dominique] makes one feel so at ease and safe.
It really gives a person that space and safety to be authentic
and open to this type of self acceptance."

Lindy L.

"I reluctantly called Do [Marie-Dominique] one day,
hoping that I could successfully have some intimate photos taken of myself
as a gift to my husband for our 25th anniversary. At 46 years old,
I was skeptical. How would my body REALLY be reflected in photos?
Would I be embarrassed to be completely nude for a few hours?
What if I saw my body differently than in the mirror (i.e. how others see me)? Well, Do came to my home and I immediately felt at ease.
We played with different poses, laughed when the dog jumped up
onto the bed to be included in some photos, and after a time
I forgot about being without clothes! She would get excited
when she got the "right" shot and I in turn became more confident.
The following week, I previewed all of them. I was simply amazed
at the artistry of them: the light, shadows and movement were breathtaking. Needless to say, my husband was thrilled with the album I made him.
I'm not sure I would have had the confidence to have been photographed
this way in my 20's. but am so very thankful that I did in my 40's.
I may even do them again for our 50th! They are photos I will treasure
forever, and will pass them on my grandkids one day to show them
how fearless and beautiful I once was."
Kathy Rose Chambers



Selected Clients

Tinker Hatfield, designer (Nike); architect
Davenport hotel, Spokane, WA
American Childhood Cancer Organization, Washington, D.C.
Tamarack Aerospace Group, Sandpoint, ID
Runberg Architecture Group - Seattle, WA
Jon Sayler, A.I.A. P.S. - Jon R. Sayler Architect, Sandpoint, ID
John Hendricks, A.I.A. - Hendricks Architecture, Sandpoint, ID
Sandpoint Magazine, Sandpoint, ID
Boden Mountain Architecture, Sandpoint, ID
Offbeat Magazine, New Orleans, LA
Berg & McLaughlin, Chtd, Sandpoint, ID
Featherston Law Firm, Chtd., Sandpoint, ID
Panida Theater, Sandpoint, ID
Signature Bridge, OH
Goble Properties, CA
Thunder Ranch Properties, ID



When I was a child growing up in Southern France, it never occurred to me that I would ever become a professional photographer. I was definitely drawn to photography and took every opportunity to use my father's camera, but I didn't fathom that it could be a real job – it was too much fun. So I followed the path towards a "serious" career, earning a master's degree in business. However, right after graduation things took an unexpected turn. My first job as a logs inspector for a French company got me to travel extensively in the US. I fell in love there, and eventually settled in New Orleans in 1991. I then held various jobs, including booking and managing musicians, and public relations attaché at the French Consulate for 6 years. At the same time, I was becoming passionate about photography, taking mostly black and white pictures of musicians and doing "street" photography. Without any formal training but with the help of my mentor, Allen Steinman, I learned to process films and develop my own pictures. Several exhibits in Louisiana and France followed, first showing black and white pictures, then sharing my "New Orleans Walls" series in 1994 - my first exploration of color (revived in 2008, the series is now a book entitled "New Orleans Walls: Still Standing" featuring Fats Domino, Drew Brees, Charmaine Neville, and many other New Orleanians: NewOrleansWalls.com).

Yearning for the small town lifestyle, my family moved in 2000 from New Orleans to Sandpoint, Idaho. This marked the end of my darkroom years. I turned to digital photography, doing mostly portraits and showing fine art images through the Pend Oreille Arts Council on a regular basis. At that point, I finally realized that I could embrace photography professionally. My work has appeared in several magazines and newspapers in France, Louisiana, Idaho and California, and since 2007, I have been a regular contributor to Sandpoint Magazine.

Architectural photography came accidentally in 2007, when I accepted an assignment purely as a learning experience. I became fascinated with the subject and its challenges, and have since carried out many more architectural projects with increased pleasure and satisfaction as I fine tune this type of photography. My architectural work has been published numerous times in Sandpoint Magazine, and appeared in the 2012 August/September issue and the June/July issue of Western Art and Architecture.



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