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Architectural photography came accidentally in 2007, when I accepted an assignment purely as a learning experience. I became fascinated with the subject and its challenges, and have since carried out many more architectural projects with increased pleasure and satisfaction. I have been a regular contributor to Western Art and Architecture since 2012.
Most of my architectural work is done in natural light. It affords me the opportunity to travel and work unencumbered, and to be as unobtrusive as possible. My sense of composition is mostly intuitive. I try to be faithful to the eye's experience in the spaces I photograph and when I bring the images together in post-processing.
I am a PPA member, fully insured.




About the Camp Hatfield photos:
"The shots are STUNNING ! MAGNIFIQUE ! I am blown away [...]
everybody in my design office is quite impressed."

Tinker Hatfield
VP of Creative Design, Nike, Inc.

“Marie-Dominique is the most passionate photographer
I’ve worked with and it shows in her body of work.
She takes the time to understand the myriad of context issues and knows how to evoke just the right personality in each shot.
Her attention to detail and ability to tell the story through photography significantly contributed to the national recognition of our buildings.”

Brian Runberg, AIA
Beardmore Company, LLC
Seattle, WA & Priest Lake, ID

"[Marie-Dominique] has actually dazzled me with her abilities
in the digital format. Sight lines are terrific and the colors are stunning.
She has a great eye for composition so the pictures really tell the story about what is going on."
Jon Sayler, A.I.A. P.S.
Jon R. Sayler Architect
Sandpoint, ID

"[Marie-Dominique] has a great eye for composition.
I’m amazed at the artistic arrangements she creates between building and nature. I would recommend [Marie-Dominique]. She’s very good to work with and is respectable and accommodating of owner’s properties and schedules.

John Hendricks, A.I.A.
Hendricks Architecture
Sandpoint, ID

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